BMS - Field Devices


Variable Frequency Drivers

 Integrated Variable Frequency Drives are built to rugged industrial standards. They are dependable and efficient in any application. This VFDs improve motor performance with Sensorless Vector Control (SVC) and auto-tuning functions. 


Industrial Ethernet Switches

The DVS series switches include 5, 8, and 16-port smart switches. Except for the DVS-005I00, the DVS series switches are equipped with intelligent alarm function and allow a wide range of operating temperature (-40 to 75). The DVS series switches are designed to support the application in any rugged environment and comply with UL, CE and FCC standards. 


Power Supplies

 Compact with a DIN rail mount design, the DRC series of power supplies installs easily in controls cabinets and elsewhere that power is required. They offer double isolated input. This means that no Earth connection is needed, thus resulting in low leakage current. 


Electric Actuators

 Electrical actuators are communicative actuators for adjusting valves and dampers in building installations. 


Electrical Control Valves

An ample selection of electronic are available for all the applications required inside a building. They can be connected to the control for utility consumption optimization.


Sensors, Transmitters, Transducers and more...

A comprehensive range of sensors, transmitters, transducers, switches and other instrumentation equipment is available to function interconnected with the building automation system to collect the data required  to properly manage any building.