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AIR CONDITIONING (Precision/Data Centers, Commercial, Residential)

The new challenges imposed by established standards nowadays in the development of air conditioning projects, demand high quality products with proven performance, which can only be found with brands known for their reliability and experience. We are very proud to have in our portfolio a wide range of equipment and parts of leading global brands. (Click on photos)

We offer high precision air conditioning units and environment control cabinets for applications requiring accurate control of environmental conditions, such as computer rooms or data management areas. These precision air conditioners guarantee constant environmental conditions that vary within very small limits.

For Air Conditioning projects, please call to learn about our ample selection of products available including direct expansion equipment, such as RTU,  Central Air Conditioners, AHUs, and duct-free sets for both cooling and heat-pump applications. Also, we can supply equipment for chilled water applications, and the corresponding AHUs and Fancoils.

Any of the equipment mentioned above can be modified to work perfectly in environments exposed to corrosion, such as the ones found in coastal areas, or even in more difficult environments with high concentrations of corrosive gases, or where there is a risk of fire so the units must be explosion-proof. According to the characteristics of the environment where you operate the equipment, we design the most suitable solution for you.  (Learn more about products)

All these equipment are offered accompanied by optional items that include hydraulic components, pumps, cooling towers, and all the accessories required to properly distribute the air inside the structure, and keep quality air for human comfort. These items include variable volume boxes, air filters, ultraviolet light fixtures, in-line heaters, grilles, diffusers, registers, louvers, etc.

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