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4.2. Sensors & I/O Modules - Sensors

eZNS-T100 Network Sensor
The eZNS-T100 network sensor offers building occupants an intuitive touch-interface to adjust individual comfort levels while tailoring to the needs of their specific market. In addition to a temperature sensor with humidity, CO2 and motion options, the eZNS-T100 offers a choice of backlight colors to provide user feedback and esthetic appeal.
The eZNS-T100 sensor’s NFC technology allows installers to use NFC-enabled mobile devices to configure the eZNS-T100 and enable enteliWEB integration. The eZNS-T100 is a highly customizable and similar to the DNS-24L. The eZNS-T100 communicates via LINKnet where the interaction of the buttons and screen are fully programmable on the application controller.

enteliZONE Temperature Sensor: eZTS
The eZTS is a hardwired 10kΩ non-communicating temperature sensor. The precision temperature sensor is placed in the same plastic enclosure used by the eZNx product line, and provides a consistent aesthetic across the enteliZONE sensor family. The eZTS can be wired to the external input of an eZNS sensor for temperature averaging, or to a 10k input of any Delta controller.

Wireless BACnet Thermostat eZNTW
The eZNTW is a fully programmable wireless BACnet thermostat equipped with onboard WiFi and EnOcean® wireless connectivity. 
Featuring a standard temperature sensor with humidity, CO2 and motion options, the eZNTW also offers a choice of backlit colors that provide additional user feedback and esthetic appeal. The eZNTW NFC technology enables installers to use NFC-enabled mobile devices to configure the thermostat.
The eZNTW delivers custom solutions specific to the needs of each market, and provides building occupants with an intuitive touch-interface to adjust their individual comfort levels. Note, the eZNTW is not a wireless eZNS that can be used with an eZONE or DVC/DAC controller.

BACstat Network Sensor: DNS-24
The DNS-24 is a smart room sensor with a LCD display and pushbutton interface. It communicates over a RS-485 LAN using BACnet MS/TP or Delta's LINKnet protocol. The DNS-24 has multiple sensor options including temperature, humidity, CO2 and motion. These sensor options provide the information to drive advanced control strategies for optimum user comfort while reducing energy consumption in a single cost effective and easy to install package. Both firmware and controller databases are loadable over the network. A UL864 UUKL Smoke Control System version of the product is available.

BACstat Network Sensor: DNS-24L
The DNS-24L is a local temperature sensor, display and keypad. It can only connect to DACs and DSCs using the LINKnet network (no MS/TP capability). All button presses must be interpreted by GCL code in the controller that this stat is connected to. A number of model variations are produced, consult the catalog sheet for exact details. This product superseded the DNS-14 and DNS-24 for most uses. The DNS-H24LB includes a temperature-compensated humidity sensor in addition to the temperature sensor.

enteliMESH Wireless Network Sensors: WNS-TxB
The WNS-TxB series wireless sensors provide a battery powered room sensor that communicates over ZBEE wireless communication to Delta's (DFM-ZBEE) LINKnet wireless receiver . The WNS-TxB series wireless network sensors support temperature, humidity, set point adjustment and push button override, depending on model.

Room Temperature Sensor: RTS-20
The RTS-20 is a 10k thermistor in a BACstat style housing. The RTS-20J model option contains the service port which would allow the control network to be viewable using a CON-768.
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