Building Automation Solutions


Energy Management

Automation systems are designed by focusing on saving energy through the optimization of resources used in any building such as water, gas and electricity.  Permanent acquisition and analysis of energy consumption data are the first important steps towards filing the current operation conditions, identifying where energy is wasted and to launching counter measures.

Standardized interfaces not only allow the simultaneous connection of energy meters with different interfaces; also, the forwarding of data to building management– and ERP-systems is possible, thanks to the support of BACnet, CEA-709, OPC or FTP-access.


HVAC Management

BMS systems for HVAC designed to control all aspects that define comfort in any room: Temperature, Humidity, Occupation, Motion, Illumination and more. 

BMS systems can be created to control direct expansion equipment, air handlers units, VAV and VVT boxes, chiller and boiler plants, cooling tower and condenser systems, variable speed pumps, general ventilation, parking garage gases detection and monitoring systems, stairwell pressurization and smoke control.



Graphical visualization and the access to current operating conditions, historic data, and alarm lists of technical building systems and components are crucial for running modern building automation. 

The access to the visualization is provided through an IP connection. The user accesses the system either via a standard PC, tablet, or smartphone.  The whole system can integrate various communication technologies. The HVAC installations, the lightning, the access control, the room automation and energy data acquisition can be all interconnected at various level of complexity. 


3rd Party Integration

Controllers and server platforms are available for connecting multiple and diverse devices and sub-systems. Data and graphics are displayed via Web browser, Ethernet, wireless or remotely over the Internet.

With all our integration options you can control access, lighting, HVAC, energy management, and more into a single system. 



Solutions that automatically control building lights per established schedules of operation, which lead to saving electricity and water costs associated with lightning and HVAC systems. 

Sustainable energy saving potentials are achieved through utilization of the synergies of both applications. 


Access Control

The access control system extends building automation system by integrating seamlessly with HVAC and Lighting application. 

We offer a cost-effective access control solution that can be added to existing HVAC installations. The access control system supports a wide range of installation sizes, from a few doors to a large installation with hundreds of doors and thousands of users.