400 to 8,500 cfm
39SH � Indoor Horz Economy � 400 to 8,500 cfm
39SV � Indoor Vert Economy � 800 to 4,000 cfm
39SR � Outdoor � 800 to 8,500 cfm
39SM � Indoor Modular � 1,600 to 8,500 cfm
Carrier 39S low pressure air handler units are designed for vertical and horizontal installation with a variety of airflow configurations. These units provide a practical and low cost approach for comfort conditioning requirements in a variety of construction applications.

Performance Features
All units are shrink wrapped for complete protection during transit
Indoor and outdoor models ranging from 400 to 8,500 nominal CFM
Belt driven forward curved blowers
Chilled water, hot water, electric heat and steam coils (factory-installed option)
Pre-heat and reheat configurations (factory-installed option)
Double-wall construction along with numerous insulation options for single-wall construction (factory-installed option)
Future releases to include the following:
R-22 and R-410A compatible coils (factory-installed option)
Dual refrigerant circuits (factory-installed option)
Thermostatic expansion valves (factory-installed option)
Economizer packages (field-installed accessory)
Reliability Features
Painted galvanized steel construction
Condensate drain pan available in stainless steel, galvanized steel or plastic on most sizes (factory-installed option)
Maintenance Features
Service through removable access panels
Hinged access panels on 39SR units (factory-installed option)
Standard, 2-in. filters
Installation Features
Units may be mounted in ceilings, closets, attics, etc.
Ducted or free return connections
Field convertible discharge
Water and condensate connections are FPT
Single point electrical connection
Standard Warranty
One-year, parts only

Factory-Installed Options 

TXV packages (thermostatic expansion valve)
Condensate drain pan options
Hinged access panels (39SR units only)
Dual refrigerant circuits
Pre-heat and reheat configurations
Coil options
R-22 or R-410A compatible coils
Double-wall construction
Insulation options

Field-Installed Accessories 

Economizer and Damper Packages
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